Here it is almost half-way through November….

…and it’s still showing up as October. I’m just noting this in passing. I’m wrestling with the so-called packed and user-friendly LinuxMint word processor. Suddenly it gives me a “helpful” 1) and an indent. Just decides when I might want that…all by its little self! (Manipulated by the spirit of Honey Boo Boo perchance?) It gives me “misspelled” words …wants me to spell the Canadian way. Hey guys–YOU’RE the ones stuck with putting French on every sign, and sticking us (Yes, I meant exactly that!) with putting French on every product we sell to you. Ummmm…’s a suggestion: Teach your citizens English?

Also—I can’t find the clock and calendar so I can correct this situation. And, when I minimize a page, I can’t get it back up.

I think it would be really nice to actually control/c something from the word processor and paste it into one of these text blocks–nope. Can’t do that. I have an essay I’d like to post in here, but don’t actually want to re-type it, since I already edited it. Two or 3 times.

Never mind.

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