Small Calamities

It’s so funny how, with all the disasters going on in the world–flooding on the East Coast, war in Gaza, etc.–the tiny things sometimes get to us. A couple days ago I locked my keys in my car after working at the Zen Center. Okay, just get the hidden key to get me into the car, I’m thinking. (It gets me in but does not work in the ignition for some reason.) But…the key case was part way open and the key had fallen out. Okay…just call AAA and get them to pop the door lock. Uh-oh! My card is in my wallet which is in the car! I just needed the road service number. The receptionist had a different insurance, so she got the Vice Abbot who kindly provided his card for the number. I don’t carry a mobile, so I had to borrow one (since the monastery phone isn’t used for personal calls.) So I’m thru to AAA…but, after much questioning and searching, she tells me that “my AAA card has been expired for two years.”  Nope, I said, I have one in my wallet–I’ve used it in the past year. By then I was beginning to get upset and the receptionist–who had dialed the strange phone for me since my reading glasses were also in my handbag–was trying to get me to stand in front of one of the statues in the entryway and chant. At least this made me laugh. So it turns out that the VA said to call back & use his card–he would sign for it. *sigh* This was sooo unbelievably embarrassing.* I did that and the road service guy was there in less than 10 minutes–and he told me to go ahead and sign my own name. Then the VA came out to sign, I told him what the service guy said and he gave me this funny look. Yes, I felt weird about signing for someone else’s card too!

Anyway, as it turned out, I had a perfectly valid AAA card that expires in ’13. It was not associated with my daughter’s name, but with her boyfriend’s card. I think–probably–linking with my husband’s card is the way to go, since we live in the same house. That’s the end of this boring story. I was not driving around without road service. I had a key made. I put it in the case. It still won’t start the car. But it will open a door.

* I had just bleached my hair but hadn’t toned it, and my head looked like a big dandelion.

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