If you have not been there already…

…I suggest The Zennist blog. From a recent entry:

“…our search for pure Mind is for a real distinct object, although it is transcendent.  It is somewhat like distinguishing sunlight, itself, from the illuminated object.  In the case of pure Mind, it is much more difficult.  One awakens to their own substance or true nature, then sees the world as only a configuration of this substance.  This happens during bodhicittotpada (bodhi-mind-manifesting) or the light of Mahayana which I have discussed in previous blogs.  I cannot stress enough that this is not a subjective experience.  Anyone close to you gets to take an adventure, too!  It is a shared experience.

From the side of sheer joy, trust me that searching for your true nature is exciting.  There is something really to discover, although it is wholly spiritual.  It is what we really are and shall always be.”

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