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Discernment in Finding Teachers

One of the problems we Westerners often have is an attachment to or distress with the “exoticism” of Zen Buddhism. We get swept up into the Chinese or Japanese culture, and often there is something of a language barrier as … Continue reading

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Dream, Dec 24th

On top of the mountain The great white horses eat alligators I throw out my nets to no avail– Oh! The frustration!

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Walking Meditation, Part 2

One week later: Same thing happened today after the first sitting…the great chicken race! Then everything calmed down mainly because the kitchen help left. I think we are in the “putting the cookies on the lower shelf so the kiddies … Continue reading

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Walking Meditation…or the 20 Yard Dash?

Today I did what I’ve never done before: left before walking meditation was over. There wasn’t any question of my staying for the whole 4 period half-day retreat anyway…It was the third Sunday and I was going over to Los … Continue reading

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“A Mud Buffalo Walks on Water”

There is an old story of a monk who came to his teacher and asked “What is the essence of the Dharma?” and his teacher replied “A mud buffalo walks on water.” Think about this story. In what way would … Continue reading

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