Walking Meditation, Part 2

One week later: Same thing happened today after the first sitting…the great chicken race! Then everything calmed down mainly because the kitchen help left. I think we are in the “putting the cookies on the lower shelf so the kiddies can get to them” mode once again. I’ve seen plumbers’ cracks (on both sexes) athletic tights, short shorts, bare feet…all of which aren’t appropriate for a Zen Hall. Wear clean sox & loose trousers or something draped that covers you. Everyone should have something like that in the closet. Shifu recently threw out a suggestion that we standardize dress in class. But, he hastily added, this might scare off members of the general public. (My feeling is, why not black-robe in Level III and Sutra? We’ve been here long enough to know it’s not a “cult.”) Me? I could care less…still chewing over why I’m still considered an “audit” after 3 years of continuous classes and volunteer work. But—what’s in a name?

The last week of the year is coming up and with it Zen Seven 2o13. Again, I will be cooking, not sitting. Since I work during the day, I will be there around 4:30-8 (or however much time cleanup takes) between the 25th and Jan. 1. That gives me Christmas morning and afternoon. More on this later.

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