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This is something that might interest you from the Jed McKenna Weblog. Thoughts on  enlightenment by many voices. [See letranger101, Jan.3 2014]

I’d like to add something from one of Adyashanti’s satsangs. He makes the point that enlightenment (a word he uses since it’s in the popular parlance) is more like “falling awake.” He uses the analogy that people who don’t have trouble sleeping  just fall asleep, but insomniacs are experts in falling asleep. They know all the tips and tricks to fall asleep and they stay awake all night long practicing those methods! In the same way, when the time comes, the practitioner “falls awake.” However, it’s possible, as Adyashanti points out, to awaken without becoming free. That happens when the practitioner immediately gets attached to awakening as an experience, and doesn’t deal with long-standing habitual tendencies. Those tendencies will just spring back into operation and you can be left with nothing but a happy memory. He emphasizes that awakening is living…it has to go on if it can continue to live. The difference will be this: First, no more “seeker.” Second, an entirely different view of your identity.

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