Looking for Answers….

[I submitted this to The Zennist, who seems uninterested in answering…so now I toss it out to the rest of the Universe.]

Has the inability to think outside of concepts something to do with the way our brain is wired up? Or how it evolved? I’ve been wondering about how something that enlightened people find is obvious can be invisible or undetectable to those not yet awakened. I have a friend–my best friend, much, much brighter than I–and I’ve tried to explain Zen awakening to him. “It’s another way of seeing. Seeing accurately who and what we are, seeing the universal reality.” And he says, “If I wanted to see the world differently, I could take drugs.” And I say, “That’s just messing with brain chemistry…It wouldn’t last.” And he says, quite accurately, in fact, “Sometimes it does!” Well, yeah…

And in “My Stroke of Insight” Jill Bolte Taylor describes a “re-booting” that she thinks kicked her consciousness into a right-brain state in which she was swimming in pure unity with everything.

And how about bi-camerality? I’ve been meditating on Gabrielle Bossis’ “He and I” for years. I don’t know what to make of a person who hears the voice of Christ. She certainly wasn’t a mental case in any sense of that phrase. She was receiving new information and advice…from where? From her own mental storehouse? From Christ the entity?

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