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“So what is Buddhism really about?” from The Zennist today

…It is about clearly distinguishing between what is absolute and undying in you and what is dying, ever-changing, and suffering in you, so you won’t keep attaching to the latter in the crazy belief it’s the former.  This way you … Continue reading

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The One Mind Precepts of Bodhidharma

We’re actually studying something about these in Zen Buddhism Level III, as we finish up the “Sutra of 42 Chapters.” “Taking the Precepts” by Josho Pat Phelan of the center in Charlotte (This is a detailed talk in 2 parts) … Continue reading

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“The Question”

What happened to this rare bird, this Gray stork of a man, skinny in his loose clothes? He is afraid to eat, to see blood flow into his face He will tell you how he feels thinks opinionates without looking … Continue reading

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