Feet of Clay?

We all have our own pet attachments, and one of mine is quality literature.

I also have favorite teachers.

The dissonance comes in when my favorite teachers recommend books that I find useless or silly. Adyashanti is fond of quoting from the Gospel of Thomas, which is not only a fake gospel, but is also just plain bad writing. It’s a list of aphorisms with no narrative structure. Jed McKenna recommends ‘A Course in Miracles’ over all the great spiritual classics of the East and West’ in one of his books. (But I suspect he just says a lot of what he does to piss people off.) Recently I suggested to the Zennist that he might be becoming a cranky old man. He had blogged that there were almost no books written about how to find one’s buddha nature, which is just plain wrong. And he maligned June Campbell who was sexually exploited by a well-known Tibetan rinpoche. She initiated a movement to disclose how women have been treated behind closed doors in the Tibetan establishment with her carefully researched book.

There’s no accounting for taste.

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