Why this Blog is Here

Who reads this? Probably few people or no one. Do I care? No. I’ve been writing occasionally, but why should anyone take anything I write seriously? I occasionally hand out the html address, but do that only to promote the reference pages. Once a student lent me a book she likes. I read 6 pages and gave it back “Not interested.” I told my friend that I was only interested in reading original sources, sutras or awakened people. “But he studied those people.” Then that makes what he writes third-hand, isn’t it? Why read about some guy’s battle with cancer, and how meditation helped him through? Why waste study time with that when I can experience the pure crystal minds of Nisargadatta or Rinzai? Even in our “dull state,” yes, you can learn to distinguish between pop-psych potboilers or overly-personal reminiscences and real authentic teaching. I find I can’t read third hand stuff any more. Pop books may be just the thing for you–but not for me. There’s study, and you might as well find someone enlightened to read, and there’s amusement, and you might as well read book reviews and fiction.

Incidentally, have you noticed the similarity of Mahayana Buddhism to the Roman Catholic Church? Doesn’t the detached ideal of Mahayana remind you of Marcus Aurelius?*  Probably, blame the Silk Road trade.

*Or maybe,  Mr. Spock

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