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“Thanksgiving Day, 2015”

A passer-by comments to the old gardener “It must be hard to do that in this wind.” She, sweeping leaves, replies “The property I care for is even bigger than this- And when I come to the end of it, … Continue reading

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Joseph Goldstein’s “On Dhamma”

When you begin studying Buddhism, it’s easy to get mired in terms and lists. And because your teacher has curriculum to think about, and wants to cover particular sutras on some kind of schedule, the way he’ll do it is … Continue reading

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From: Taisen Deshimaru

His book: “Questions to a Zen Master” (1981). I found this in the English language section of our library at Chung Tai. The minute I opened it, it fell apart! It had been sitting on a shelf drying out for … Continue reading

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On a Lecture: 11/19

Your Finger Pointing…My Finger Shaking Under the strobing fluorescent lights You labor like an elephant And give birth to a flea. I am tired of giving you “the benefit of the doubt”. I have heard this antic justification before: In … Continue reading

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Nisargadatta describes the end of illusion

“Realize that you are dreaming a dream you call the world. Once you realize that there is nothing in this world which you can call your own, you look at it from the outside as you look at a play … Continue reading

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For those of you who want to hear an enlightened sage

Coming to our area Nov 21st, 4-6pm: Adyashanti is giving satsang at PEACE United Church of Christ 900 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Further information  Also: Check out Cafe Dharma for Wed. 11/18 Live audio or video stream

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The Highest Goal

[An excerpt from The Zennist blog from 4/2011. I’m including this because I don’t want, and I don’t want any of us to miss the mark. And we can. Buddhism, by it’s very nature, can be psychologized and secularized out … Continue reading

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Enlightened Beings in the Present Age?

In one of our sutra classes A—,a fellow student, asked me “Are there any enlightened people now? Or did this just happen in the old times?” This question surprised me. My response was “Yes. Read…look on the internet.” My contention … Continue reading

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Two Problems

Sooner or later, every Zen student begins wondering “Just what is preventing me from awakening right now?” This is a valid question. Most of us Westerners came to Zen because we “got curious”. We read a lot of books of … Continue reading

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