In the Wake of Redecoration

I’m repainting a room in the house to match a newly purchased rug. In the process, I’m weeding our library of books no longer relevant to our lives and establishing some sort of order. True, I have an Amazon-book-addict in the other room, but…

Anyway, I came across a book of teishos by Eido Shimano, and reviewed what I had seen on the ‘net years ago. Shimano was a sex addict and psychopath, and he, Sherry Chayat and all his disciples were disqualified by his order as Zen teachers because of his repeated, unrepentant behavior. As a result, I’m removing the link to The Zen Studies Society (Chayat is Abbess there.) If you’re interested the ZSS you can find it easy enough, but I can’t link it on a site called Good Clean Zen. This letter might be of interest.

In my Books section I link A Rare and Precious Thing by John Kain. I highly recommend it. I have been blessed so many times over the years with extraordinary teachers, and I remember each of them with fondness.

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