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“This Day’s News”

Today the sun of our temple departs And the small-eared one returns. It is strange that I remembered that tall monk As the shorter and younger of the two! After four years he comes to us, aged and thin, But … Continue reading

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Something New for the Links

A Complete Buddhist Sutra Collection Well, this site begins with the jolly thought about the end of the kalpa and the return of Chaos. (We do know that this happens with just about everything, not just kalpas, don’t we?) Anyway, … Continue reading

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How could my friends be so, so wrong..?

The new ‘semester’ of Sutra A started yesterday, and due to an influx of new students from last year’s uncharacteristically huge and enthusiastic Level 3 class the rest of us* had to sit through the introductory lecture on sutra study, … Continue reading

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