Something New for the Links

A Complete Buddhist Sutra Collection
Well, this site begins with the jolly thought about the end of the kalpa and the return of Chaos. (We do know that this happens with just about everything, not just kalpas, don’t we?) Anyway, for the benefit of the completist, here are all the sutras…even the super long Avatamsaka Sutra, downloadable for your enjoyment.

Barbara O’Brian, About.Com, on Buddhism
I really want to recommend this highly accessible author. She has a whole series of articles here and taken all together they constitute a real Buddhist education for the Western layman. Like in the old Lay’s Potato Chip ad, betcha can’t read just one!

Shortly I’ll begin a retrospective on the 2015 Zen 7. (Of course, there’s the Scenarios essay, but maybe I have something a bit more realistic.)

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