“This Day’s News”

Today the sun of our temple departs
And the small-eared one returns.
It is strange that I remembered that tall monk
As the shorter and younger of the two!
After four years he comes to us, aged and thin,
But older and wiser? Oh yes.
Let us become competent in quoting Dharma.
Let us embark on self-improvement
And the endless round of volunteerism
Until we are too tired to make distinctions.
Then we will bow before whoever comes before us
And put away those thoughts of true mind.
Rain did not arrive this morning,
But rain will come this evening or tonight
And dandelions bloom over the drought’s bald patches
Of the monastery lawns.

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2 Responses to “This Day’s News”

  1. Alex Bravo says:

    Are there benefits in making predictions about the future?

  2. heldenkline says:

    Yes. We take action all the time based on predictions about the future. In my case this will be getting myself out of a situation which is no longer of any use.

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