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Think about it.

“Things are seen through the lenses of our desires, prejudices and resentments. and are transformed accordingly.” ~ Rune Johansen Advertisements

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I find that I’m constantly asking myself and others questions. I was eating some candy the other day and realized I was admiring the pastel colors. I asked myself, would I eat Jordan almonds if they were all white? Other … Continue reading

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For some reason…

…maybe because of the poetry, I’ve began to generate interest and followers. But let me remind anyone who stops by here: at this point I haven’t even publicized this blog. Quite simply, this is a Zen Buddhism resource site. The … Continue reading

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“The Smile”

He smiles… He has been taught. I smile… I have taught myself. You smile… It is your nature. The other smiles… Within and without at peace. 2/17/16

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Grief and anger sleep alone In the same small bed Together they make their mark On my pillow and under my tread– Dimming my eye, my taste and tone. How long life is, how short time seems Lived in disguise … Continue reading

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“This Day’s News”

Today the sun of our temple departs And the small-eared one returns. It is strange that I remembered that tall monk As the shorter and younger of the two! After four years he comes to us, aged and thin, But … Continue reading

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Something New for the Links

A Complete Buddhist Sutra Collection Well, this site begins with the jolly thought about the end of the kalpa and the return of Chaos. (We do know that this happens with just about everything, not just kalpas, don’t we?) Anyway, … Continue reading

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