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This is something that might interest you from the Jed McKenna Weblog. Thoughts on  enlightenment by many voices. [See letranger101, Jan.3 2014] I’d like to add something from one of Adyashanti’s satsangs. He makes the point that enlightenment (a word … Continue reading

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Dream, Dec 24th

On top of the mountain The great white horses eat alligators I throw out my nets to no avail– Oh! The frustration!

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The Unanticipated Results of Practice

In Ch’an they call it “cultivation,” but I came out of a Japanese school several years ago–“cultivation” is okay; “practice” is fine, too. It doesn’t just involve bottom-on-cushion-control-your-thoughts. What you learn seeps out into real life. But let’s look at … Continue reading

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