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Dream, Dec 24th

On top of the mountain The great white horses eat alligators I throw out my nets to no avail– Oh! The frustration! Advertisements

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If I take Refuges and Vows and become a Buddhist, do I add anything to myself? If I refrain from taking Refuges and Vows, do I lessen myself?

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Encountering a little Zen Story

…and it’s permutations. I remember, years ago, my first teacher told it like this: “A man is walking along, and suddenly a tiger appears. It chases him till he reaches the edge of a cliff, and he ducks over the … Continue reading

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“Got merit?”

To open this blog, here’s my version of a little Buddhist story from one of the recommended books, What the Buddha Never Taught, by Tim Ward. Let me begin it like a Grimm’s Fairy Tale…. Once upon a time, at … Continue reading

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