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Joseph Goldstein’s “On Dhamma”

When you begin studying Buddhism, it’s easy to get mired in terms and lists. And because your teacher has curriculum to think about, and wants to cover particular sutras on some kind of schedule, the way he’ll do it is … Continue reading

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Mythology…or no Mythology

On the 4th, The Zennist wrote about his frustration with the de-mythologizing of Buddhism in the post-spiritual Western world. I see this situation somewhat differently. In a congregation of cradle-Buddhist Chinese Americans, there’s no need to re-mythologize, because they’ve been … Continue reading

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After the Prostrations, 1/17/14

Everybody Dance Now This is no “old song”– The moon on the mountains does its thing The senses do their thing The mind does its thing The breath does its thing The cooks in the kitchen do their thing The … Continue reading

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From My Links

This is something that might interest you from the Jed McKenna Weblog. Thoughts on  enlightenment by many voices. [See letranger101, Jan.3 2014] I’d like to add something from one of Adyashanti’s satsangs. He makes the point that enlightenment (a word … Continue reading

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Discernment in Finding Teachers

One of the problems we Westerners often have is an attachment to or distress with the “exoticism” of Zen Buddhism. We get swept up into the Chinese or Japanese culture, and often there is something of a language barrier as … Continue reading

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Walking Meditation, Part 2

One week later: Same thing happened today after the first sitting…the great chicken race! Then everything calmed down mainly because the kitchen help left. I think we are in the “putting the cookies on the lower shelf so the kiddies … Continue reading

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What to Fear

“Most men are born drunk and die while still asleep.” I don’t know who said it. Some Zen master. I heard it long ago and never forgot it. Could it be that reading this struck terror in your heart as … Continue reading

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The Same Thing–Yet Again

My husband doesn’t like it that I occasionally get impatient with Zen teachers, but sometimes it’s inevitable. In Buddhism III we’re studying The Sutra on Impermanence and we come to these lines: “All who are born will die, All beauty … Continue reading

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The Unanticipated Results of Practice

In Ch’an they call it “cultivation,” but I came out of a Japanese school several years ago–“cultivation” is okay; “practice” is fine, too. It doesn’t just involve bottom-on-cushion-control-your-thoughts. What you learn seeps out into real life. But let’s look at … Continue reading

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