The Departure of Siddhartha

The Departure of Siddhartha


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Protection of Animalsbuddha_stars1Kumarajivabuddha_tattoo_atlantean_by_thothflashpanBuddha's hand sqOur CongregationLevel II, 201330th Level-I GP (1280x720)

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Above: The Departure of Siddhartha, 2015 performance group: Mia, Kathleen, Izabel, myself, Hang, Caroline. The very nicest class picture, Fall 2015 Sutra A.(This has to be the best class picture ever taken! And…unfortunately our last with JianYing Shifu.) Shining Stars Respite (watching a performance. That’s me standing in the back), Two cartoons, Protection of Animals, The Most Beautiful Buddha (looks incredible in Powerpoint), Kumarajiva (translator of the scriptures into Chinese, 344-413), Three views of a female Buddhist theme tattoo, Buddha Hand Citron, Chung Tai Picnic, 2013, Level II, 2013, Level I, 2013

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