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These will fill out your practice and education.  More links are being added as I come across them.  Begin here….

Wisdom of the Buddha  From 2007, a young woman reads The World Honored One’s powerful words.
And here is the Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra, a new harmonized version from Taiwan.
One more version of the Heart Sutra, with female voices and lovely art.


Jed McKenna Tribute “Truth at any Price” [And look to the right of the screen for all the rest of  “AhabCaptn”s beautiful Jed videos]
“Dicking Around” A short chapter from Jed McKenna’s Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment posted by E5i50 This sounds like a simple story, but the language McKenna chooses here is very precise.
“Who Are You…Really” from The Diamond in Your Pocket, Gangaji


Adyashanti,  Interview at “Buddha at the Gas Pump by Rick Archer. [Scan down the page for the interview–It’s long and the video feed sucks–he’s up in the Santa Cruz hills–but listen to the whole thing in one sitting if possible.]

Adyashanti: Awakening His story as told to Renate McNay. (The “first Zen teacher”Adya refers to was also my own first teacher, Arvis Justi.)

Adyashanti: Different Qualities of Awakening This may be an original concept–It certainly is to those of us in the West where awakening is often thought of as “all or nothing.” Again: Look at those “10 Ox Herding Pictures.”

Consciousness Beyond Death Part 1 and Part 2 Cardiologist Pim Van Lommel writes about near-death experiences of his own cardiac patients. He diverges from the common belief that consciousness arises from the brain.


Eckhart Tolle: Help for Cultivating Mindfulness I’m re-titling this clip, because it concerns the type of meditation Buddhists call shamatha, or concentrated awareness. Our shifu calls this method “Be the ‘host,’don’t following the ‘guests’ out of the building.” Thoughts come and go. If you neither restrain nor follow the mind calms and centers all by itself.

Zen Biology Lesson for Enlightenment This video was done–let’s be honest!– by someone trying to sell supplements. However, it’s a good video.

The Fruits of Zen Practice This is Ruben Habito of MKZC…Use the Maria Kannon link to access his other excellent study materials.

I Am Only the Self, Part 1.    Part 2.  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj He never wrote a book, although his words have gone round the world, made into books by students. In a way, he was a nobody…but he was a man of attainment because he simply obeyed his teachers’ instructions.

Chinese Buddhist Full Prostration, front view and side view. Learn to bow correctly, the first time. Remember: “Practice makes permanent!”

How to Meditate Phra Noah Yuttadhammo. This Western Thai monk has made the video Q & A series, Ask a Monk. (You can ask a question or just subscribe & read, and learn about “mere Buddhism.”)

Enlightenment Eckhart Tolle. The conceptualization of enlightenment, the effort to attain enlightenment & the necessity to seek enlightenment in the present moment.

Why Vegan? Lessons from an Animal Scientist Jonathan Balcombe PhD. Full lecture from the Hawaiian Vegetarian Society. Not a horror story. An upbeat, rational and well documented examination of “the other sentient beings” and what they have in common with us humans.

Mark Leavitt Q & A: What is the Relationship Between Spiritual Practice and Enlightenment? Why is there so much practice and so little awakening? And…
Mark Leavitt: Spiritual Practice is Suicide Getting acquainted with the other half of your life.

(Audiobook) The Tibetan Book of the Dead


Beyond Thought: Awareness Itself  The full film by jimmyh2o
Buddha  David Grubin’s lovely documentary, narrated by Richard Gere.
The Zen Mind  2006 documentary directed by John Braeley (Thin Media)
National Geographic Paranatural: Life After Life Can rich conscious awareness occur outside the brain? An examination of NDEs in three patients.
Splendors of the Spirit: Swedenborg’s Quest for Insight

Decoding the Past: The Secret Tibetan Book of the Dead (History Channel)



Stop Trying to Change the World!
Am I Free, or Just a Puppet?
Zen Bones


Change….The Gorkha Earthquake of 2015

Peter Kingsley on the true origins of Western culture. The forgotten pre-Socratic wisdom teachers, Empedocles and Parmenides taught how to become conscious and emerge from the dream state. (Unifying Eastern and Western thought.)

Tributes to UG Krishnamurti, One, Two, and Three. posted by AhabCaptn.

Is Buddhism Satanic? Colin (who writes on comparative religion) responds to the question of a subscriber.

The Eyes of a Master When you are depressed or discouraged, experience this wordless musical tribute to a gentle and loving soul: Paramahansa Yogananda. Even when they have passed away, the Masters remain in our hearts.

Need a good laugh? What are the 5 Attachments in Buddhism? Food, Sex, Fame, Money, and….Sleep.  Go here.


[Most of these videos are about children: Better evidence, less contamination by reading, etc.]

Comments by AjahnBrahm

James Leininger on Primetime documentary
Nicola: “Mommy, why am I not a boy this time?
Reincarnation Proof: He was a Black Woman
Reincarnation Research by Drs. Tucker & Stevenson
In Another Life: Reincarnation in America
The Boy Who Lived Before
Reincarnation: Past Life Evidence
Mandy Seabrook

The Story of Nicola


(An adult) Reincarnation: Born Again

(an adult) Jenny Cockell gets in touch with her past children

Reincarnation Research By Ian Stevenson’s Childrens Past Life Experiences

Marty & Ryan on NBC News

5 Cases of Possible Reincarnation by the BBC

3 Year Old Boy Identifies his Name, Grave & Murderer & Murder Weapon

Shanti Devi

The works of Ian Stevenson start here


How Diablo became Spirit telepathic inter-species communicator Anna Breytenbach. This is an excerpt from her DVD “The Animal Communicator.” An abused panther is given peace and confidence in an animal refuge.
A Cat & the Baby it Loves Yes, you’ve probably seen this precious little bit of video.
Praying Temple Cat Yes, there are a lot of “praying cat” videos around, but this one may be the real deal. Rescued by the young Korean monk from a fire, the cat was told that he could stay “If he didn’t kill anything or make noise.” (No subtitles in English. Sorry!) The mystery  here is that the cat apparently survives without taurine, an essential component for cat health that comes only from the carnivorous diet.
Cat and Crow are Friends A New England couple sees an almost unbelievable sight in their own front yard. I have seen a crow play games with a squirrel. And I have seen squirrels tease our own cats. Fun is a universal instinct, it seems. To many people, a crow is nothing but “vermin.” But think about how we often underestimate the intelligence–and sensitivity–of birds.

Instant Cat Karma


“Greed” The best video I’ve seen about the regulation of eating.
“Altruism” Brought to you by “offTheLeftEye” This video is called ‘The Best Emotional Investment You can Make. All his videos are good!
I’m renaming this: How Other People’s Words Affected Paint (If you happen to see this, Jon, I love you, you talented guy!!)

Watch Happy by Pharrell Williams if you’re in a bad mood. Just a bunch of people dancing & lip-sincing. (You might also like Weird Al’s “Tacky” but it doesn’t belong in this section.)

*but I mean this in a good way.


Banksy Graphics+humor+politics+found stuff. Look & see.

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